What If No One Cares?

This morning, I pulled into my part-time gig at the Will Rogers Air National Guard Base, which shares a runway with the commercial airport. A plane was taking off, and I just stopped and watched it until it was in the air and out of sight. Something struck me about that moment. There were no … Continue reading What If No One Cares?

16 Weeks Out

I finally selected a show for my return to the stage this fall! I'll be competing in the St. Louis Gateway Naturals on September 29th, 2018. That means I'm officially 16 Weeks Out! EEEEEK! 16 Weeks is a standard amount of prep in the bodybuilding world, so that makes it feel more real. And it … Continue reading 16 Weeks Out

Five-Minute Meal Prep

I hate meal prep. I loathe it. I barely tolerate cooking at all, and it's mainly because I have three small humans who rely on me for their sustenance. So when it comes to cooking for myself, I'd just rather not. If I was a millionaire, I wouldn't live in a fancy house or drive a pricey … Continue reading Five-Minute Meal Prep