Just tell me what to eat!

It can be overwhelming to plan nutritious meals based on our target calorie range and macronutrient needs.

We can spend hours trying to make it all balance out.

“Is there enough protein?”

“Are there too many carbs?”

“Will my family even eat the same foods or will I have to prepare two separate meals?”

Every week in Forever Fit, there is a meal plan based on a variety of calorie ranges, from 1300 – 1900 (and that will increase when/if needed). Find the one closest to your target, save it to your phone, and you’re all set for the week!

(Not sure what your calorie target should be? Forever Fit can help with that, too!)

Don’t like the meals on one of the days? No problem! Simply repeat meals from one of the other days. And you can save each weeks’ meal plan so you can build a stockpile of nutritious, macro-balanced meals to choose from!

Oh, and did I mention each meal plan comes with recipes AND a complete shopping list?

Click here to check out a sample meal plan, then CLICK HERE to join Forever Fit and get started TODAY! Lock in the intro rate of only $19.99 a month for a limited time, Then it will increase to $27 monthly. No contracts, no obligations, just all you need to succeed in fitness!

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