The Leap

Thirteen years ago, I opened a Facebook account, not knowing what new world that was going to open up for me. I had just found fitness and wanted to share my journey with others. Since staying in shape does not come easy for me, I figured maybe sharing my struggles and successes would help others not feel as overwhelmed or intimidated by it.

That personal journey turned into a business, and that business turned into a community.

All these years later, many of those in the community have read met in real life and have forged relationships that might have never happened if I hadn’t taking a leap of faith and shared my journey with others.

This photo was taken last December when one of the women in my fitness group got married. We flew from all over the United States and Canada to gather on the Gulf Coast in Florida for the event.

If you are called to do something, you don’t have to know why, and you don’t have to know what’s going to come of it. You just have to be willing to take the leap. Great things will happen.

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