Rebel Without a Cause

This is a year of change and growth for me. Personal growth, professional growth. None of it is comfortable, but ALL of it is beneficial. I’m learning more about who I am, and finding my way more and more with each passing day. I’ve learned to not care what people think about me. I’ve learned that the opinions of anyone outside my small inner circle don’t matter. I’ve learned to trust my instincts, go with my gut, and step out of my comfort zone as often as possible (that’s where all the good stuff happens!). My most people’s standards, I am a rebel. I rebel against what others expect of me and I like it that way!

Despite all the growth, I’ve had a massive inner conflict with one thing. I’ve never been passionate about a cause. As someone who loves to help others, that’s really bothered me. It’s caused me to question my beliefs and my intentions.

I’ve always believed every human has a heart to help certain subsets of the population. But I’ve never had a passion for any one cause or charity. I thought it was just because I’ve not been touched by any major tragedy. Sure, I’ve been affected by cancer, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, but nothing has ever really knocked me on my ass…not to the point where that becomes my mission in life.

I had a hard time with this for YEARS, concerned because I thought I wasn’t passionate enough.

That, dear friends, is not the case. I LOVE women. If I meet you and in that moment you’re dealing with a loved one who has cancer, THAT becomes my cause. If we meet and you’re going through a divorce, THAT becomes my cause. If you’re a mom to young children and you’re tired and overwhelmed and frazzled, THAT becomes my cause. Helping women feel loved and whole and confident and capable is my mission. It looks different every day based on who I encounter in real life or online.

But at the end of the day…

WOMEN are my cause. WOMEN are my passion. WOMEN are my mission in life.

You are my people, my tribe, and you have my whole heart.

So maybe I do have a cause after all!

(I love this picture because even though my online community is spread all over the United States and Europe, this is how I picture us! The Relentless Woman community is free and open to all women – we’d love to have you join us!)

Do you have a favorite cause? What touches your heart and gets you fired up? What makes you want to launch into action? Please share it in the comments – I want to hear what makes you tick!

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