What Counts as Exercise?

Yesterday, I helped my parents move. They’ve lived three hours away from us for years, and now live less than a mile away.

They loaded up their moving truck, and we promised that when they got to town, we’d help them unload the truck and get settled. They’re in great shape, but well…they’re in their sixties and moving is difficult, stressful, and just plain HARD. We didn’t want them to have to do it on their own.

That morning, I considered hitting the gym for my workout, which is usually about 45 minutes of strength training and cardio. Instead, we spent about three hours unloading a moving truck and unpacking boxes.

But does something like that count as an actual workout?


Feel free to think outside the box when it comes to fitness. A hike with your family counts as a workout. Helping someone move counts as a workout. Playing freeze tag with your kids in the backyard even counts as a workout!

CHALLENGE: When it comes right down to it, staying active is what matters. Burning fat and losing weight is merely a matter of caloric deficit. So if you hate the gym, it’s okay. Building muscle, burning fat, and improving your cardiovascular health…there are many ways to do that! There’s not one right way, so there’s no reason to try to make yourself love something you hate. Keep looking until you find something you truly enjoy! Do some research and if something piques your interest, give it a shot!

Comment below with your favorite “non-workout” workout!

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