Three Little Words

I was sitting on my floor, blow-drying my hair for the first time in months. Though optimistic to a fault, I was feeling down about my appearance that day, having just lamented to my husband less than an hour before about how I just feel blah these days.

My three-year-old son sauntered into my bedroom and the first three words out of his mouth were “You wook beautiful”. I was so stunned that I asked him to repeat what he said, because I’m certain I’ve never heard him say those three words together before…to anyone. He’s told me I look pretty, or that he likes my hair, but this was intentional and precise, and it caught me off guard. I wasn’t wearing any makeup, I decided weeks ago to let my lash extensions go, I’m carrying a few extra pounds that I don’t particularly care for, my skin is ghostly pale, and I’m breaking out like a teenager.

There are plenty of blogs about sweet things children say at just the right time. This is mine. As I was sitting there having a one-person pity party about my appearance, his words couldn’t have been more timely.

I hugged him and thanked him for the compliment. When he left, I took a selfie so I can try to see myself as he sees me.

I learn so much from my children. I’ve never placed too much stock in my appearance; I’m low maintenance by nature, but even so, I want to do the best with what I have. I’m thankful to have three little ones who remind me that I’m already beautiful. I smile a lot, I laugh often, and I’m truly happy with everything in my life, even the tough times. I believe those are the things that make me beautiful, and the rest is just frosting.

What makes you beautiful? (And it’s okay if it’s a physical quality! I think I have a great smile that makes my eyes crinkle – I love that!) Comment below and share it with me!

One Comment

  1. amberweissbsw

    Agreed. It’s good that our little kiddos – the ones that matter most and the ones who tell the brutal honest truth – remind us of the simple positive truths in our lives when we tend to forget. I love doing my makeup and hair because I feel more confident, but it’s a good lesson to teach our kids, and remind ourselves, about true beauty and you’ve got it!


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