The High Price of Overwhelm

About two months ago, I decided to start a podcast.

It has a name. The cover art is designed. I’ve researched the ins and out of editing, promoting, and scheduling. Interviews are lined up. I bought all the equipment I need, and got a great price on all of it.

Everything is ready to go…except one thing.

This. A sound mixer, which seems determined to undermine my best intentions, vexing me with all its knobs and colors, daring me to quit before I ever begin. Just looking at it completely overwhelmed me.

I’ve let it sit there, perhaps just hoping the knowledge of how to use it would somehow pop in my head.

Yesterday, I decided enough is enough. It’s the only thing standing in the way of what promises to be a really cool podcast. I, Rachel Flint, the woman who claims to be relentless, have been letting this little piece of equipment intimidate me. I decided that before the day was over, I was either going to learn how to use it or figure out a way to work around it. (I have the audacity to believe I can learn almost anything, which really helps when it comes to situations like this.)

I’m in a large podcasting group, so I posted a photo of the mixer and asked for input. Do I really need this thing, or is there a better alternative? A flood of answers poured in. Several offered to help me figure it out, and one even offered to do a video chat to explain it all to me, assuring me it’s simpler than it looks. I took him up on it and 30 minutes later, I was no longer intimidated by a piece of equipment. I was pretty to press forward with my podcast and get those interviews DONE!

I asked for help, y’all. And I got it. And it didn’t cost me anything except my time. I could’ve read a technical user’s guide which likely would’ve left me more confused than before I started. I could’ve hired someone to help me and spent who-knows-how-much. (I do believe there’s a time and a place to hire the experts!) But it wasn’t necessary. Just asking for help fixed my problem in minutes.

Overwhelm comes with a high price. In this case, it cost me months of productivity. It affected my optimism and my positive mindset. And I’ll never know the opportunities I may have lost as a result. I’m so glad I finally broke out of that and asked for help!

CHALLENGE: Is there something you’re facing that’s so daunting, so intimidating, that you just can’t get it started? If you need help, swallow your pride, push through the feat and ask for it. Chances are, there is someone waiting in the wings who will be thrilled to help you. And you’ll likely find that what you feared wasn’t so scary after all. Please comment below and share what is scaring the bejeebers out of you right now!

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