It’s Illegal to Take This Photo

Did you know it’s illegal to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower when it’s lit up at night?

My nine-year-old daughter told me that yesterday and I thought she was full of it.

I looked it up. She was right.

As it turns out, the lights are copyrighted by the original artist and it’s illegal to take a photo of it without permission, much less publish it online! (I checked Snopes to be sure.) It was even difficult to find a photo of it to purchase for this blog!

Knowledge often comes from unexpected sources, and sometimes we are quick to dismiss it because of the other person’s age or because of our relationship with them. I didn’t believe my daughter because she’s nine and she’s my daughter. My pride wouldn’t let me admit that something so mainstream and seemingly obvious could’ve evaded me all these years.

Is there something you could learn from a friend or family member that you often dismiss because of their age or relationship to you? You may be missing out on some great knowledge by dismissing them too quickly. Give them a fair shot before you write them off.

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