The Surprising Thing I Drink Daily

Every morning, I wake up and do my Miracle Morning routine and run the checklist I recently created so I don’t leave out anything important. I look forward to getting up early because it’s such an enjoyable part of my day! I love that the first hour of my day is so restful and relaxing…and quiet.

The first part of my morning routine is making coffee. I’m a morning person so I don’t particularly need coffee, but I enjoy it. When the coffee finishes brewing, I reach in my fridge and pull out the heavy whipping cream.

I put the mug of coffee on my scale, zero it out, and pour in 20 ml of cream. (Then sweeten with stevia.) Many are shocked that a “fitness chick” uses heavy cream in coffee, but it fills me up and gives me the energy and sustenance I need to start my day. I don’t even get hungry until late morning before I head to the gym for my workout.

Keep the “non-negotiables” in your diet plan (unless they’re complete junk and provide no nutritional value). If you have a particular food or drink that you enjoy each day, you can work it into your overall macros and still reach your fitness goals!

Living a fit lifestyle doesn’t have to mean abandoning your favorite foods to feel hungry and depleted all the time. You can still keep your faves and have a smokin’ hot bod! You just have to keep it under control and work it into your nutritional goals!

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