16 Weeks Out

I finally selected a show for my return to the stage this fall! I’ll be competing in the St. Louis Gateway Naturals on September 29th, 2018. That means I’m officially 16 Weeks Out! EEEEEK! 16 Weeks is a standard amount of prep in the bodybuilding world, so that makes it feel more real. And it makes me scurrrrrred. But I’m ready to do this!

Here’s a little background on why I selected this show. I didn’t want to go out of town, much less out of state because of all the expense it adds. But after attending dozens of bodybuilding shows over the past six years and getting to know lots of promoters, I know the NANBF is where I belong, and this was the only one available during the time I wanted.

I previously competed in NPC and qualified for Nationals. I’ve met some wonderful NPC promoters, but natural federations like the NANBF promote a family environment, even requiring competitors to be covered anytime they are not onstage or backstage. As a mom, I really appreciate that.

My primary aversion to the NPC is that it bikini competitors are required to do a spread-eagle pose right in front of the judges (that thankfully occurred after I competed in 2010). It’s completely unnecessary, as evidenced by the fact that no other category requires a pose like this. The NANBF doesn’t allow that pose and will correct competitors on the spot if they do it. (This is in no way judgement on the competitors themselves.) It may seem like a minor detail from an outsider perspective, but it feels much different, physically and emotionally.

bikini comparison

Modesty is important to me, and is a difficult topic because it’s not clearly defined and means something different to everyone. I think I could be mostly covered in a sexy pose and look less modest than if I am in a bikini but not posing in a seductive way. I just have to consider my daughters and make sure I’m okay with the example I’m setting for them.

All in all, I feel great about selecting this show and am excited to start prepping for it! I’ll be primarily eating whole foods but following flexible dieting to stay sane and avoid tendencies to binge when I restrict too much.

I’ll keep y’all posted!


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