“I Don’t Have Time to Read!”

That’s what I said for years. I was busy being a mom and building a business. I knew reading was vitally important to my personal and professional growth, but I looked for excuses to avoid it.

In some ways, I avoided it because I wanted full credit for anything I accomplished. I didn’t want to have to share credit with a book I read or a mentor who’d helped guide me. Well, that was prideful and arrogant, and I only hurt myself by thinking that way. Some good came from it, though. I learned to operate my business almost completely based on intuition. It was an extremely valuable learning opportunity.

But I reached a point where I felt like I had mastered that concept and wanted something more. I was ready to step it up and challenge myself more than ever before. But the fact remained that my schedule was full and it was challenging to find time to sit down and read.

I drive 30 minutes across town each day to take my kids to school. I wait in the car line to drop them off. Then I drive 30 minutes back home. I’ve done this for three years now. (We carpool so my friend picks them up and brings them home.)

For two and a half years, I essentially wasted that hour and fifteen minutes each day. (I don’t even want to do the math to know what that adds up to.) The kids talk amongst themselves on the way, and don’t need or want much interaction from the ‘bus driver’, so I could’ve easily been filling that time with something productive.

In January, I swallowed my pride and dusted off my largely–unused Audible subscription. I started listening to a book on the way to and from the school each morning. (I listen at 1.25x to finish books a bit faster.)

Between these daily jaunts and a few long road trips, I’ve finished over fourteen books this year! That never would’ve happened if I’d insisted on “real” books. I wouldn’t have even made it through one, most likely.

I really didn’t want to listen to books. I wanted to sit down and read them…to feel the smooth cover and crisp pages in my hands, to feel a small since of satisfaction with every page I turn. But the fact is, that never happens. Ever. So I could continue with my pride about only reading physical books, or gain the knowledge from listening.

My perspective and mindset have changed radically since January because of the books I’ve read. My marriage has changed. My business has changed. My financial habits have changed. My relationship with my children has changed, too. If I’d continued as I had been, I’d still be the same person I was. I’m so thankful for this growth opportunity and that I’ve been able to embrace this new (to me) medium of learning.

Keep an eye on my blog for updates about the books I’ve read! There’s a section with my 2018 book list where I will tell you  each book I’ve read this year, and what I got out of it.

If you have a desire or conviction to change something in your life, find a way to make it work.

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