Five-Minute Meal Prep

I hate meal prep. I loathe it. I barely tolerate cooking at all, and it’s mainly because I have three small humans who rely on me for their sustenance. So when it comes to cooking for myself, I’d just rather not.

If I was a millionaire, I wouldn’t live in a fancy house or drive a pricey sports car (unless a 2001 Audi TT counts as a sports car!). I would, however, eat out for every single meal. Or hire a personal chef. Or both. I just feel like cooking is a waste of my time, so you can bet that every meal I make is simple and easy.

The good news is that the Instant Pot has saved me when it comes to meal prep. I have no issues with eating the same things over and over again, so I spend a little time in the kitchen on Sunday prepping my own food for the week, so that all I have to do is make dinners for the family the rest of the week.

Here’s how I meal prep in less than five minutes:

I prep a pound of rice and three pounds of chicken at the beginning of the week. This is how it goes down in less than five minutes of time in the kitchen.

  1. Dump one pound of rice (brown or white) in the Instant Pot (IP). Add in three cups of water and three chicken bouillon cubes. Close the IP and set timer for 35 minutes.
  2. Go on about your merry way until the timer goes off, which could be about an hour later, depending on how much time it takes for the IP to reach pressure and start cooking. When the timer goes off, do a quick release of the pressure, pour rice into a container, and wash the pot.
  3. Next up…chicken. Dump a three-pound bag of frozen tenderloins (not thawed) in the IP. Pour in a cup of water. Close the IP and set timer for 25 minutes. Walk away and come back when the timer goes off. Quick release, shred the chicken, drain the juices and put in a container to store in the fridge.

THAT’S IT! Enough chicken and rice to last several days, and all done in less than five minutes in the kitchen! I don’t prep veggies in advance. I buy steamable bags of green beans and broccoli to cook in the microwave as needed, and use things like hot sauce, buffalo sauce, lemon pepper to season my chicken, veggies, and rice. YUM.

Note: I don’t eat this for every single meal, but I love having it ready and available so I never have the excuse of not having any healthy food on hand. I still follow flexible dieting and make room in my diet for tacos and pizza on the regular. I highly recommend you do the same! Life’s too short to live only on the “bro diet”.

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