Road Trippin’

My husband has been away for about three weeks with the military, and will be away for about four more. It’s nothing compared to the absence of a deployment, which can be anywhere from six months to a year, but even with this short duration, it’s had an impact on our family. Our kids miss him, I miss him, and we’re so thankful for FaceTime so we at least get to see his face each day!

Last weekend, I had some business to attend to in Colorado, which just happened to be at my BFF’s house up in the mountains. With my husband gone, I had two choices: ask my parents to watch our children for the weekend, or drive to Colorado with all three of them.

Never one to back down for a challenge or an adventure, I chose the latter. My children love to travel and explore. But there was one large obstacle: our primary vehicle is a 2002 Suburban with over 300,000 miles on it! ACK! I didn’t want to add fret and worry to my trip, wondering if we’d arrive safely and be able to get back home on time.

So long story short, I rented a car through Hertz, using my Gold membership to rack up some points and even had enough points to get one of the four days FREE! We ended up with a small SUV at no additional cost that got way better gas mileage than the Suburban, and the peace of mind was worth every penny.

We had a blast on our trip and the gas savings alone paid for most of our car rental fee – well worth it! The kids are great travelers and kept themselves occupied with music, books, and of course some ‘screen time’. We enjoyed outings in and around Manitou Springs and just had a great time catching up with our friends!

Moral of the story: Peace of mind is worth a few extra dollars, and never shy away from an opportunity to create memories with your children!

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