The Miracle Morning

the miracle morning

How do you organize your day? Are you in reaction mode most of the time, scrambling to keep up and feeling like you’re always running behind?

That’s exactly how I’ve felt lately.

When I don’t like how something is going in my life, I immediately look for a solution.
I found this great book called The Miracle Morning that is helping me get a positive start to my day. It helps me stay focused on the things that matter, and helps me start my day on the right foot. As strange as it may sound, getting a few things done before the rest of the family is awake actually helps me stay more fit, too! I don’t feel guilty going to the gym when I’ve already accomplished something with my day. And my nutrition stays on track when I feel like the rest of my life is under control.

I’ve come to realize that all different aspects of my life work together, and when I take control of one aspect, the others seem to fall into place.

If you’re tired of feeling like everything is spinning out of control, check out The Miracle Morning.

(I actually listened to a summary of it on Audible and finished it in about 45 minutes!)


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