Rebel Without a Cause

This is a year of change and growth for me. Personal growth, professional growth. None of it is comfortable, but ALL of it is beneficial. I'm learning more about who I am, and finding my way more and more with each passing day. I've learned to not care what people think about me. I've learned … Continue reading Rebel Without a Cause

What Counts as Exercise?

Yesterday, I helped my parents move. They've lived three hours away from us for years, and now live less than a mile away. They loaded up their moving truck, and we promised that when they got to town, we'd help them unload the truck and get settled. They're in great shape, but well...they're in their sixties and … Continue reading What Counts as Exercise?

What If No One Cares?

This morning, I pulled into my part-time gig at the Will Rogers Air National Guard Base, which shares a runway with the commercial airport. A plane was taking off, and I just stopped and watched it until it was in the air and out of sight. Something struck me about that moment. There were no … Continue reading What If No One Cares?

The Surprising Thing I Drink Daily

Every morning, I wake up and do my Miracle Morning routine and run the checklist I recently created so I don't leave out anything important. I look forward to getting up early because it's such an enjoyable part of my day! I love that the first hour of my day is so restful and relaxing...and quiet. The … Continue reading The Surprising Thing I Drink Daily

When Should I Indulge?

Offices constantly celebrates birthdays, promotions, and retirements. Weekends are filled with weddings, birthday parties, and other special events. Eating out? At least a few times a week because schedules are so busy. How can you know when you should stay on track and when you should indulge? Everyone has to decide what works best for … Continue reading When Should I Indulge?